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Tea time is any time you can take time for tea.  We offer 100% premium tea from around the world, from the finest tea garden producers, purchased at peak seasonal periods to your door.  Our customers have enjoyed sharing flavorful pots of tea around the clock.  After listening to our customers from our tea tasting events, we have condensed the tea menu to the best sellers.  Then we asked the tea tasters to rate the teas to find the best teas selected for specific periods of day.  There were so many more teas we could have included, but had to only choose one for each time of day.  Hope you try them and enjoy your tea time as much as we do!

Here are some of the tea flavors chosen to be a "TEA TIME FAVORITE TEAS":
Breakfast:  Windsor Castle Tea

Lunch:  Angel's Dream Tea 

Afternoon Tea: Buckingham Palace 

After Dinner Tea:  Jasmine With Flowers Tea 

Bedtime Tea:  Serenity Wellness Tea